Atlantis Academy

Our Students

Students spelling out USA  Students holding american flags

As a school that embraces difference and originality, Atlantis Academy is exceptional. Most of our students escape traditional labels. We accept students from all walks of life and believe that all students can find a place and excel in our school environment. Our students possess a unique blend of academic and creative excellence that hasn’t been tapped yet.

Many of our students arrive with tremendous individual potential in one field but need extra academic support in another. We also work extensively with students whose emotional needs have not been supported in traditional schools and who need a more encouraging environment in order to fully reach their potential.

What all Atlantis Academy students have in common is the ability to earn their diploma or certificate of completion and flourish in life after high school. Our goal is to help students love school, love learning and love themselves. Atlantis Academy is a school that empowers students to achieve self-worth and be able to feel and say, “I am. I can.”


“ I am. I can.”

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