Atlantis Academy

School Life

A Day in The Life at Atlantis Academy

Atlantis Student Dana

Hello, my name is Dana and I’m a junior at Atlantis Academy. I’ve attended this school for three years. My typical day starts at 7:50 am when I arrive at school. I socialize for a few minutes before the bell rings. Soon after, we say the Pledge of Allegiance and listen to the morning announcements. Then, everyone reports to first period.

My first period is reading with Mrs. Martinez. We usually read short stories followed by a question and answer session. Next, it’s off to History with Mr. Cunningham. This is one of my favorite classes. I enjoy history and he makes learning fun. At 9:30 am we head to break for 15 minutes. Everyone eats a small snack and hangs out with their friends.

After break I go to art class. I enjoy this class because we do lots of different projects and I am able to express my inner artist. Next, I head to Math class. This class is very challenging for me, but Mrs. Dennis always gives me the help I need.

At 11:15 am it’s lunch time. Everyone heads to the back and we group up with our friends and enjoy lunch. Forty five minutes later I go to fifth period which is Language Arts. Here, we focus on improving our written communication skills. Next I go to Science which is my favorite subject. There’s always something new to learn. Ms. Darville makes it fun and interesting.

Finally the day is almost over, but I still have one more class – Spanish. Since I already know the language I focus on my reading and writing. At 2:15 the dismissal bell rings and my day at Atlantis Academy is over.

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